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We’re excited to share that we’ve reached over 2 million users in India and Kenya! Here at Nivi we’ve been focusing on getting all of our users information about how to access FP methods and providing reliable and trustworthy information about the best practices for personal (and community) health during COVID-19. During this time, it has become clear that people are coming up against physical barriers to accessing family planning and sexual and reproductive health needs. As a result, Nivi has worked with partners to create conversations and resources for them by providing information and referrals to e-pharmacies and online consultations. This addition helps users to navigate accessing their health needs during this confusing time.

As we continue to grow and expand our content and global reach, we are focused on making sure that we are providing users with information that will allow them to overcome barriers to better health and empower them with the agency to be more in control of their self-care. We are also working diligently to create new tools for our partners so that they can better understand and predict user behaviors to best serve target markets and audiences.

Stay tuned to hear what we have coming up on the horizon and check out these articles about Nivi and events we have coming up below.

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