Secrets from Nivi: How we understand readiness to act!  

Dear Friends,

We have been busy at Nivi since you last heard from us in October! Coming off of the American Thanksgiving holiday, here are a few highlights we’re grateful for...

  • We'll be at the Global Digital Health Forum next week

  • We’ve engaged ✨940,000+ users✨ with SRHR content across Kenya and India

  • We’ve continued to use data to understand readiness to adopt family planning methods and refine our ability to craft user journeys that support adoption (see full blog post)

  • Our work was featured in a Devex report on innovative approaches to improving contraceptive access in Kenya

Read more about each below!

We'll be at the Global Digital Health Forum

Will you be at in Washington, DC next week? We’re presenting with FHI360 and mDoc on the Digital Pathways Toward Self-Care panel on Tuesday, 10 December at 10:30am as part of the Global Digital Health Forum (register quickly, only a few tickets left)!

Can’t make the panel? Come by the Appy Hour December 9 to see our demo at 5:30pm or ping us! We'd love to meet up anytime.

Nivi reaches nearly a million users!

Nivi’s digital platform has been designed for scale and has allowed us to grow from 50,000 users in January to 940,000(!) in just 10 months through partner health campaigns and our own on- and offline marketing. Of those 940k, more than one-third actively engage with Nivi, providing demographic data, asking questions, taking screenings, and consuming information through automated conversations.

We’re excited to continue expanding access to information through new conversation topics, new channels (WhatsApp!!), and new partnerships as we steam ahead into 2020!

We're exploring readiness to adopt FP

At the end of every family planning screening taken by a user, Nivi asks “How ready are you to visit a facility for FP in the next 2 weeks?”.

In analysis of Kenya data, we observed more than half (58%) of women say they are “ready”, “very ready”, or “extremely ready.” Readiness varies with a user’s demographic and behavioral characteristics. For instance, older users are more likely to say that they are ready compared to adolescents. So are women who use askNivi via Facebook Messenger (vs. SMS), women with a question related to family planning (vs. non-FP intent), women who want to delay pregnancy for more than a year (vs. < 1 year), and current users of FP (vs. former users and never users).

We also observed that women reporting readiness to act were 7 percentage points more likely to later report visiting a provider. Additionally, those engaging in an FP conversation (vs. other conversation) were associated with an increased likelihood of visiting a facility (about 4 percentage points).

Check out the more readiness analysis in our latest Nivi Insight.

Nivi featured in "Innovative Approaches" Report

We are honored to be featured in a Devex article on innovative approaches to improving contraceptive access in Kenya, which includes a video interview with a Nivi user talking about how Nivi served as a safe place to ask difficult SRH questions she could not ask elsewhere.

Look forward to hearing from you and if you'll be at GDHF, don't be shy - reach out!

Ben Bellows (Co-founder/Chief Revenue Officer), WhatsApp: +1 240 481 7476
Jessica Heinzelman (VP of Growth), WhatsApp: +1 415 533 4630

Ben Bellows