🦠COVID-19, kissing, and what's new with Nivi

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Dear friends,

We hope this email finds you well, wherever you are in the world!

For all the challenges that the novel coronavirus has brought to our personal and professional lives, it is a powerful reminder that we are all in this together. At Nivi we are grateful for all of you who have continued to see the potential of our platform. We are excited to share how we’ve adapted askNivi to address the COVID-19 pandemic including the following areas detailed below:

  1. Launched new conversations and campaigns on COVID-19

  2. Monitoring trends with scientific surveys over time

  3. Going global to make interactive information available to all

We look forward to hearing from you about what you are doing, and how we may work together in India, Kenya, and beyond!

# 1 Launched conversations and digital campaigns on COVID-19 in India and Kenya

Building from WHO guidance, we’ve created conversations on 17 COVID-19 topics and are running Facebook ad campaigns to build awareness and engagement. We’ve had more than 3,000 users in Kenya in the first week, with one ad being shared 480+ times. You can read about our campaign, conversations, and the early data on most popular topics PLUS trends in knowledge, attitudes and behaviors in our latest blog post: Social media to social distancing: Combining education and data to enable effective COVID-19 response.

We launched conversations in India on April 6th nationwide so stay tuned for more insights on both markets and comparative analysis.

Nivi Insight:
Ads talking about whether or not COVID-19 can be spread by kissing are among the top performers in both India and Kenya! Read more about what we are learning here.

#2 Monitoring trends with scientific surveying

We are in the final stages of launching an important public health monitoring initiative as part of our response to the pandemic. Every few days we will survey a representative sample of askNivi users from across the country about their household’s health status and perceptions of the pandemic. With a wide base of users, we’ll be able to track trends over time among different segments of the population.

We will monitor trends over time as well as analyzing differences in demographic groups by gender, age, and urban/rural status.

#3 Setting up a global askNivi Coronavirus Info service accessible to the world

To date, Nivi has been available only in Kenya and India, but that is about to change! We are setting up askNivi Coronavirus Info that will be accessible via Facebook Messenger to anyone in the world. Initially the conversations will only be available in English, but we are actively seeking partners working at national-level scale in one or more countries that would like to make askNivi’s COVID-19 available in English and other languages.

Got questions? Interested in partnering?
Let's expand access to askNivi's COVID-19 content and use the platform to inform your data-driven response!

Reach out to Ben Bellows at Ben@nivi.io