Reaching the Masses

Your sneak peak into what's going on at Nivi

Dear Friends of Nivi,

At Nivi, our goal is to educate and empower women and their partners to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. Inviting users to explore our content and providing them with localized recommendations and referrals based on their responses has been our primary method to achieve this. This helps us to connect users with our partners’ resources. Using A/B testing and consumer surveys development with partners like Avenir Health, Duke University, and Abt Associates, we are optimizing user re-engagement and learning more about their experiences and their motivations when selecting health products and services.

Our user base of over 2.3 million reflects individuals in all stages of behavior change; from pre-contemplation to preparation to action to maintenance. Using our behavioral scientific approach, we can easily and rapidly reach out to users across all four of our markets—India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa—to accompany them throughout their health journey, deepening awareness, generating referrals, and supporting them through their decision-making process on topics like contraceptive use, antenatal care, and vaccine hesitancy.

We are excited about the outreach and results we can bring to our customers with our survey and re-engagement strategies. Stay tuned for more information about what we learn from our users! Let us help you reach your intended audience and promote positive health behaviors.

Earlier this year, with the support of Grand Challenges Canada, Nivi began testing consumer engagement and marketing strategies in Kenya. One concept was to be highly visible in heavily trafficked areas on billboards around Kenya’s capital city Nairobi.

Four billboards were put up drawing the attention of passersby across the city. Qualitative feedback and social media responses have all been extremely positive. User numbers are, tracked by Nivi’s unique keyword technology, are up and show hundreds of new users messaging the platform. In-person follow-up surveys at three of the four billboard locations, asking passersby for their spur-of-the-moment impressions. Their responses, as well as data gathered through Nivi’s Insights, demonstrate the effectiveness of billboards in askNivi brand awareness and help to inform future marketing in and outside of Kenya.

Check out our consumer-facing blogs for Kenya, India, Nigeria, and South Africa!

The Relationship Between Earth Day and Family Planning
Earth Day is a day where we all take a moment to celebrate and reflect on the natural world around us. And there’s so much to celebrate! But there’s a serious side to this holiday, too—because with every passing year, climate change disrupts, decays, and devastates our planet. So, we also use Earth Day to shed light on topics like pollution, carbon emissions, and environmental preservation. guessed it: health. Read more about how climate change impacts family planning.

Why consumer-facing blogs?
As a business, B2B communications are essential for continuous, productive information exchange with partners and stakeholders. However, as a business that provides consumer-facing information and services, we’ve found B2C communications to be just as important. More relevant consumer-facing content in Nivi conversations helps users move along their health journey, whether they have a casual interest to learn more or a keen intent to act. While it’s a bonus that this content generates organic traffic to our customers, its primary purpose is to serve the consumer, not the business. And because Nivi deals in health information—a great deal of which is incredibly private, personal, and potentially stigmatizing—those B2C efforts become somewhat of a moral imperative. With every attempt to make content that is accessible, attractive, and appealing to consumers, we must keep in mind that each successful contact is a step toward ensuring our users are more knowledgeable and increasingly capable of making informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.