Chat for Change Challenge

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Dear Friends of Nivi,

We are excited to announce the “Chat for Change Challenge”, a $400,000 competition in which four lucky organizations will win marketing credits and a 12-month subscription to the askNivi platform and Nivi Insights, our dashboard for analyzing user feedback, thanks to funding from USAID (credits and subscription together worth $100,000!). Organizations are invited to apply to use askNivi to solve some of the world’s most indelible problems. Beginning on April 19th, the “Chat for Change Challenge” will begin accepting applications from organizations that offer health information, products, or services for sexual and reproductive health, maternal health, or immunizations. Our goal is to increase reach and aid individuals to make healthier, better informed decisions about their personal wellbeing and to increase organizational impact by engaging their target audience digitally. Nivi has always been about getting information and resources to as many people as possible so that people can be empowered to achieve better health outcomes. With this challenge, we hope to help organizations expand their reach and impact in India, Kenya, or Nigeria.

For more information on how and when to apply, see below.

  • April 19: Application Period Begins

  • April 22: Virtual Q&A Session (8:00 AM EDT, 3:00 PM Kenya, 5:30 PM India)

  • April 27: Virtual Q&A Session (10:30 AM EDT, 5:30 PM Kenya, 8:00 PM India)

  • May 7: Deadline for Submissions

  • May 17-21: Finalists Present Pitches to Nivi

  • May 26: Winners Announced

  • June 21-July 2: Rolling Launch

We have partnered with SFH on the IntegratE Project to increase access to family planning methods through collaboration with CPs and PPMVs in Nigeria. The project started in 2017 and in the last 3 months, Nivi has increased the messaging reach of the project by 17 times over! The use of askNivi has made this information more available and accessible, increasing from 195,000 people in the 3 previous years to reaching in just 3 months over 3 million people with family planning calls to action. We are excited to contribute to this partnership to further build trust in the Nigeria health system, educate about the services and resources available, and empower people to take up and continue their contraceptive method of choice. 

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