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Dear Friends of Nivi,

It’s been a busy start to 2021! We have been working diligently to get information and resources for family planning into the hands of more consumers. We have now reached 2,373,000 users across India, Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria, engaging them in 3,617,000 conversations about family planning methods, sexual and reproductive health, and COVID-19. Additionally, we are working with new partners in Nigeria, SFH and Pathfinder, and will soon be launching new content about antenatal and postnatal care.

The Nivi platform enables partners to create awareness at scale, and opens up the exposure of content and resources for users in ways that not only leverage existing networks, but also new digital channels. As our outreach grows, so do our partnerships, our content, and our impact on health outcomes. Over the past year, we have been changing the way that we engage our audiences to best present them with all of the options available to them - providing them with information they may not have previously had access to, and letting them know where they can access different products and services nearby. By centering on a user’s wellness and health outcomes, we have been able to promote greater uptake and knowledge about family planning and sexual and reproductive health. Our goal is to help our partners better understand the market and health behaviors to improve maternal health outcomes, and help consumers act to better their own health outcomes.

We partnered with Surgo Ventures and the Clinton Health Access Initiative to find out how to best reach women and men in rural India. Our study showed that women in rural regions were reachable via smartphones, despite being thought of as a more difficult group to reach (65% of users were in rural regions). As a result, more women and couples were empowered to make informed health decisions and were provided with actionable resources - 18% of users in our study were referred to clinics after learning about different family planning methods (that’s 10% more than the industry benchmark for referrals).

“A lot of my misunderstandings and doubts have been cleared by the askNivi chatbot, and I’ve learned about other family planning methods. Having this knowledge gives you some confidence. If you are aware, then you can help a person who is not educated or who cannot ask or consult anyone when needed.”

Woman Living in Madhya Pradesh (Quote from research with Surgo Ventures)

FP2020 | United Nations Foundation: “Family Planning In The Time of COVID”
See how our work supports FP2020! Nivi was cited as one of the sources for data for the FP2020 Data Hub. In a time when media and health have been hyperfocused on COVID-19, we focus on how COVID-19 has been and continues to impact access to sexual and reproductive health services and products.

Surgo Ventures: “Promoting Family Planning During COVID-19”
Read about how we worked with Surgo Ventures and CHAI to bridge the family planning knowledge gap in rural India.

Nivi: “Growing the Family Planning Market by Asking Consumers What They Want”
Learn how changing our model to giving more users access to information and asking them if they want to engage with it lead to a 204% increase in referral to family planning method services and products.

We’re excited to announce a new advisory board member: Mara Hansen Staples

You can now take a deep dive into our research on the Nivi website at research.nivi.io! Our Chief Scientist, Eric Green Ph.D., has been working to uncover trends in vaccine hesitancy in India and Kenya. Check out the research section of our website to learn more.