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Dear Friends of Nivi,

We’re excited to expand into new countries! In addition to Kenya and India, we are now serving health information and recommendations to our customers' target audiences in South Africa and Nigeria. As we enter the last quarter of this tumultuous year, Nivi continues to meet individuals' needs for sexual and reproductive health information and increase access to trusted family planning services and products. As we expand our geography and content, we are working diligently to solve our customers’ needs and empower our users. More than ever, AskNivi is the bridge to trusted health services and products for your target audience and market.

To hear how we help meet consumer demand for self-care solutions to their health goals, join Nivi's co-founder and CEO, Sidd Goyal, for a live discussion with ET HealthWorld this Friday, October 23rd at 7:00 am EST (4:30 pm IST). Panelists will cover the importance of health tech and its potential to alleviate the many stresses that COVID-19 has placed on the health system.

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